ADA Compliance!

Give Everybody Access To Your Website

ADA Compliance Services

We have a dedicted webpage for our ADA compliance services. Please check ADA Okay! for detailed information

We offer a 3-tiered service

Become ADA Compliant (it's the law) and get more visitors to your website

Free Website Widget

50% compliance

With our Free Widget you can get up to 50% compliant. The free widget is meant to be a quick fix to avoid legal action as best as possible. Check ADA Okay! for a full overview.

Paid Website Widget

95% compliance

We make sure your site is always 95% compliant. Add new content to your site or even change your theme no problem.. this widget will keep you compliant, instantly and safely!

ADA Audit & Consultancy

100% compliance!

In some cases the widgets can't do the work. If you have a large site or if you use a specific platform an in-dept audit and manual adaptations might be necessary.

Avoid $75K-$150K in fines

Making your website ADA compliant is the law. Watch this short explainer video:

Contact us today to get ADA complaint!

What's in it for you:

  • You prevent getting a fine
  • You largely prevent getting sued privately
  • You open your site for 10% more visitors
  • You do the right thing!
  • 'Done For You' services, minimal effort required

How do you qualify:

  • You offer a high quality product or service
  • You are able to handle more business

If you can answer all above with YES, than contact Alex
(302) 272-5432 or complete the form on this page.

Yes, I want to become compliant!