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From Local Business to HOUSEHOLD name

In today's world the media landscape is decentralized and fragmented. Consumers read news and feature stories that their friends like and share with them. Buy products because of reviews. Visit stores they find tagged on social media. Traditional advertising gets largely ignored.

Branding becomes less what you as company say, but more the collective experiences of everyone using it. All things equal, consumers turn to a familiar brand to buy - to the local household name.

But, how do you get noticed? ... how do you stand out along your competitors to become the familiar brand? That's where we can help. We help you to become the household name for your services in your area!

How? Digibuzz24 specializes in media buys (print and TV) around promotions and sponsored events. In this process we negotiate additional placements in the digital editions of the media outlets. We use this extra space to promote and syndicate news and stories of relevant local businesses. These mentions and associations in mainstream media will boost your local visibility and authority.

Find out how SPOTLIGHT ON can turn
your brand into the local household name...

Step 1:
You tell us what you want to be remembered for ...

  • We agree on a content calendar and put our professional content creators to work
  • We create well-written news & feature stories, illustrations and videos - associating your business with the things you want to be remembered for
  • No spammy ads but quality content that people actually watch, read and share
  • You agree on the drafts and we start the campaigns

Step 2:
We place Your Stories in major Media Outlets

  • We offer your content for publication to our 300+ mainstream media partners
  • We manage the approval process of your content
  • Your feature story will be published in multiple publications targeting your local area
  • Being featured in high authority media will improve your local image

Step 3:
We Amplify Your Story in Social Media

  • After publication we amplify the featured story in social media to maximize the authority you gain
  • We create a series of social posts linking to the publications. You can post these to your social media profiles yourself or we can do this for you
  • You gain trust and authority with your existing customers and their audiences
  • You gradualy become the household name for your service in your area
  • You improve your local search visibility

Stand Out - Become the Household Name

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  • Get exposure in mainstream media outlets
  • Become the authority in your field in your area
  • Improve your Local Search Rankings
  • 'Done For You' services, minimal effort required

How do you qualify:

  • You offer a high quality product or service
  • You are able to handle more business
  • You agree on being featured in online media
  • You promptly reply to incoming calls and requests

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